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ExMovies: What happens when you want a bachelorette but have no girlfriends? The boys step in as the bride squad! The 3 boys and a girl, childhood best friends, pack their bags and take off on an impromptu holiday to Mauritius to celebrate their best friend’s bachelorette. But does it all end well? Watch The Holiday see the adventure unfold!

Episode 1: 3 Guys And A Girl

Mehak’s getting married! Her fiancé Siddharth is all set for his bachelor’s. And what about Mehak’s bachelorette? Mehak doesn’t have many female friends, but she has her guy (best) friends – Patrick, Kabir, and Armaan all set to be her bride squad!

The motley crew arrives in gorgeous Mauritius – Patrick’s choice – a strange one since Mauritius isn’t the go-to destination for bachelorettes. It’s much more common for honeymoons. But Patrick makes up by making special arrangements for them in a luxury hotel’s presidential suite.

The gang catches up. This holiday is overdue for them. The plan for the holiday is that each one of them will get to plan one day where the rest of the group does everything that one person wants to do. That way they won’t have fought and each person will get to do what they want to do!

But underneath all the fun, lie glimpses of cracks in the character’s lives. Armaan’s slightly strained relationship with the group. Issues at Kabir’s workplace where he got skipped over for a promotion. Patrick too seems to have a hidden agenda behind choosing Mauritius as their holiday destination.

But these cracks can be addressed later. Now, it’s time to party. The gangs make their way to a hip bar, where they’re promptly denied entry. 3 guys and a girl aren’t getting entry in a nightclub. No stags allowed. Is there a holiday off to a bad note already?

Episode 2: In Da Club

What do you do when you’re with your best friends in one of the most clubs in town? Play truth and dare! The gang does some outlandish dares, but Kabir’s dare seems to be the most daring. His dare leads to his introduction to Sara, a woman he has instant chemistry with. Despite all the goofiness of the dare, they end up connecting over their shared love for Tarantino films.

Armaan and Mehak share a quiet moment together and recollect the good old college days. When Armaan and Mehak could have gone to prom together but ended up going with other people. How some of their friends, even to this day, assume that Mehak and Armaan were/ are a thing.

In the midst of the party, they get a call from Patrick’s mom! She’s blocked his credit card. The room he thought was for 10,000 rupees was actually for a lac. The gang has to check out in the morning. Where will they go?

Episode 3: Ghast From the Past

It’s Armaan’s day. The group travels all over the country and in the end, wind up at a dingy, a rather spooky hotel.

They try and stay as strong as possible, but things go south when they find an Ouija board and establish contact with a ghost who can’t spell! Things go further south when the hotel staff regales them with the haunted mysteries of the hotel. The group decides to sleep together in one room, but Armaan’s really not feeling this hotel. he insists the group wakes up. The gang sings a song to cheer him up, but when they hear a third voice singing back to them, they freak out! This hotel is definitely haunted! They race out of there. With nowhere to go, Kabir calls the only person they know in Mauritius – Sara. The gang ends up spending the night at Sara’s house, furthering Sara and Kabir’s instant chemistry.

Kabir tells Patrick about his conversation with Sara in the club the other day and how their conversation was electric with strong chemistry.

It’s time for Patrick’s day! And for the group, he has planned – Yoga!

Episode 4: Beach, Please

A yoga session planned by Patrick for his seems extremely out of character. The gang still gives it a shot, but the instructor ends up getting too close for comfort with Kabir. He storms out of the session! Meanwhile, Patrick has already snuck out.

The group puts all their belongings – wallets, phones in Mehak’s bag.

While Patrick flirts with every girl there, Armaan finally confesses to Kabir about his break up with his long-time girlfriend. Mehak meanwhile, is stuck with a rather old stripper that Patrick has got for her!

The group is stuck with no money. No IDs. No phones. At this point, the holiday seems to be over. Unless Kabir manages to create some magic in a casino. What lies ahead for the group?

Episode 5: Bachna Ae Casino

It’s time to go all in. Kabir teaches the group the ins and outs of Blackjack using his talent for counting cards. The group must be discrete though. If they’re caught, it’s game over.

The group makes their way to the casino and ends up winning a huge amount and making a lucky escape from being caught. But as they’re leaving, Kabir ends up spotting a chance to be able to significantly increase their earnings. Given the timing and the situation, according to him, the probabilities are insane.

Just as Mehak is telling the boys just how much they mean to her, she spots the stripper who ran away with all her stuff! The chase is on!

Episode 6: The Big Bang Theory

But it all ends well for them when the hotel staff manages to find the bag with all their belongings intact!

Kabir and Sara enjoy a special day together. The zip line and have a heart to heart where Kabir opens up to Sara

about his work and Sara tells him that he needs to loosen up and decide for himself about where he wants to end up and what he wants to do.

Meanwhile, Patrick, Armaan, and Mehak who ended up sleeping in decide to take the boat to the waterboard.

While Patrick waits for Armaan and Mehak, he makes himself comfortable in a spare wheelchair in the hotel reception. He’s met by a beautiful woman, his helper of the day, (a part-time hotel employee who helps disabled customers of the hotel, play sports, and not miss out on adventures) who has clearly mistaken him for someone else, but Patrick is in a ho hurry to clear the misconception. He decides to spend the day with Mia – his helper, clearly duping her leaving Armaan and Mehak to do their own thing.

The two of them head to the water board but as they check out the place, they see that their boat has slowly drifted away! The 2 of them can’t swim and have no phone network. All they can do is just wait at the waterboard until they are rescued. They’re stranded!

Episode 7: Love Stuck

Armaan and Mehak decide to make the most of their time while they’re stranded on the water board. They’ve got a bottle of wine for the company too. They have a heart to heart and Armaan tells Mehak that friends have the best relationships! Mehak agrees! As they wait for the boat, the two of them end up having a moment.

Patrick and Mia meanwhile, ending playing a game of tennis, which of course Patrick is not very good at. He’s not good at losing either and ends up standing up from the wheelchair to win, betraying his act as a disabled person! Mia is aghast about being lied to – that too like this!

Armaan and Mehak are finally rescued from the water board. They’re drunk and as they find their way to their rooms, Mehak and Armaan end up kissing. What happens now?

Episode 8: Unfriended

Kabir wakes up with a disturbing call from his credit card company – His credit limit is over! Someone has stolen his credit card and swiped it for the entire credit limit! And the last transaction the thief made was right there in the hotel. Kabir calls Patrick and tells him about this, who looks rather guilty.

Kabir heads to the gift shop where the last transaction was made to catch the culprit. The person the store manager describes is a lot like Patrick. In fact, it is Patrick!

Meanwhile, Mehak wakes up in Armaan’s room. She’s horrified about what has happened. She couldn’t have done this! She races out of the room, with Armaan following.

Kabir yells at Patrick for spending all his money. But when the group finds out that Armaan and Mehak kissed all hell breaks loose. Armaan confesses to Mehak that he loves her. But unfortunately for him – Mehak doesn’t.

The fight escalates and all of them end up saying things they regret.

The holiday is over. But is this the end of their friendship as well?

Episode 9: The Aftermath

The group is back in Mumbai. Mehak meets her fiancé – Siddharth, Kabir goes back to work. And Patrick goes back to his mansion.

But things have changed. Mehak confesses to Siddharth who despite being hurt, ends up taking the high road and tells Mehak that he still wants to be with her. Because he loves her. But Mehak’s paranoia gets the better of her. She’s cheated once. She might do it again. And a nice guy like Siddharth doesn’t deserve this!

Kabir on the other hand goes back to work and confronts his boss. he demands his well-deserved promotion. His boss understands him. Kabir is talented, but not ready for the promotion yet. But this office – and numbers are what his calling is. This is what he is good at and this is what he will keep doing.

Patrick on the other hand is a changed leaf! He has finally decided to grow up. He can’t work with his dad, because of their extremely different attitudes, but Patrick is finally going for a job interview.

What’s lies ahead?

Episode 10: Four Two Ka One

Armaan tries to pacify a confused and worked up Mehak. The best way to understand who your heart really loves – close your eyes and the first person you see, is the person you love! Cliched, but works. And to Armaan’s dismay, the person Mehak sees is not him. It’s Siddharth.

It’s the next morning and Patrick calls Kabir telling him that Mehak has called off her wedding. it’s time for them to put their differences aside, find Mehak and be there for her.

Kabir tells the group that he’s accepted an offer by his boss to move to Pune. He’s leaving that evening. This is probably the last time they will all be meeting for a while. Patrick consoles himself that Kabir is only moving to Pune and is only 2 hours away.

Mehak and Siddharth do end up meeting, but they’re not sure where they go from here.

And Armaan ends up meeting an old friend and ends up leaving the cinema hall with her.

The group may no longer be together physically, but they will always be together. Because childhood friends, try as hard as you may, are impossible to rid off. They’re stuck with you for life.

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