Pati Patni Aur Woh: Cast, Movie Trailer And Release Date With Complete Movie Information

ExMovies: Mohan’s wife Surabhi died and her ghost is stuck in the world because she is worried about Mohan. She forces Mohan to get married again before her last rites on the 13th day.

The short notice means Mohan ends up with only one option, to marry Rimjhim whose father refuses to show her face due to some astrological reasons. Mohan takes the risk of marrying her without seeing her. Rimjhim falls in love with Mohan’s attitude.

Surabhi is very happy until she sees Rimjhim in the suhaagraat. Rimhjim is a stunning looking woman, to say the least. Looking at a love-struck Mohan, Surabhi’s soul gets jealous and Mohan gets stuck between a hot and loving wife and the jealous ghost of his dead wife.

Episode 1: Neeche Terahvin Upar Shaadi!! Mohan is hell-bent on marrying immediately after his wive Surabhi dies. The only rishta he can manage at short notice comes with a condition that he can’t see the girl before marriage.

Episode 2: Chai Me Cheeni!! Mohan makes an excuse for Brahmacharya to Rimjhim to stay away from her but it’s difficult to resist her beauty.

Episode 3: Jai Bajrang Bali!! Mohan takes Rimjhim for lunch to spend some time with her only to run into some goons. And to make things worse, Surabhi gets to know of his secret date and arrives there.

Episode 4: Lottery Ka GST!! Rimjhim arrives at the shop and it brings the most profitable day for Mohan but 3G’s promotional idea makes the night dangerous for him.

Episode 5: Sorry Sorry Sorry!! Rimjhim’s honeymoon dress is too much to handle for Mohan but Surabhi has some other ideas.

Episode 6: Radha Aur Krishna!! Rimjhim confronts Mohan on his lies and he gets ready to reveal to her about Surabhi’s ghost.

Episode 7: Dating Ki Class!! With Rimjhim and 3G gone, Mohan finds himself alone when an unexpected guide comes to help him get Rimjhim back.

Episode 8: Love Letter!! Mohan is preparing to impress Rimjhim while her mother decides not to let Mohan near her. 3G goes with Mohan in a Burqa, making things worse.

Episode 9: Didi Ki Mukti!! Surabhi agrees to leave Mohan and Rimjhim in peace but with one condition that Mohan struggles to fulfill?

Episode 10: Kat Gaya Cake!! Mohan prepares to say goodbye to Surabhi but surprisingly there are two Mohan’s and two Surabhi’s in the house.

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