The violence and riots in North East Delhi have shaken the entire nation. From ordinary people to celebs are condemning this incident. In such times, a film on Netflix has become very relevant and the content of this film not only promotes communal harmony in the country but also makes it clear that with the support of unity and support of each other, even in adverse circumstances by the residents of the country Tremendous successes can be achieved.

What is the story?

Asif comes from a lower-middle-class family in Mumbai and often dances and has fun with his friends. One day on TV in his house he sees Neeshu who has managed to win a dance award. Nishu is the son of a taxi driver and lives his life between becoming an ideal son and completing his passion for secret dance. Asif and Neeshu meet at a local dance school. The two do not like each other in the beginning but the life of both the boy’s changes due to American dance teacher Sol Aron.

Apart From Jim Sarbh, There Are Many New Stars in The Film:

Writer-director Suni Taraporewala has written and directed this film. This ballet film is based on the life of Mumbai’s two boys Amiruddin Shah and Manish Chauhan. Israeli-American mentors are mentors of Yehuda Maor, Shah, and Chauhan. With this film, the stereotype of ‘boys can’t dance ballet’ also collapses. Apart from Jim Saarb, most of the actors are new in the film and all have given good screen performance as expected.

There are many such references in the film which symbolically speak of communal harmony. For example, to show the temple and a religious place of Christians together or as a disciplined boy, Neeshu folds up in front of every religious place he sees, Neeshu’s father is likewise a normal calm, and the secular person who respects every religion.

Apart from this, Aron convinces them when there is a tussle between Nishu and Asif and while pinching the right-wing dominance of the current era, he says that he has lived in places like America and Israel and India has to avoid communal atmosphere and politics of polarization Should try everything possible and if you are talented, then you should try to touch new heights. The story of Nishu and Asif once again makes it clear to the people that the people of the country can progress in the world with the help of secularism and peace and unity in diversity is the beauty of India.


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